Red Door Pro Wash is a local, family-owned company. Our owner, Jonathan Maynard, is always available to answer questions and is personally responsible for every job. Our main offices are located in Fredericksburg, VA and we service a 75 mile radius for residential work and cover 3 states for commercial work.


    This is where you’ll LOVE our service. We look at your whole home and provide a cleaning plan. Our soft wash system also sets us apart! Instead of blasting your home with high pressure, we use a safe and effective system which kills the algae and mildew on your home, and removes the dirt, spider webs and other materials. Your home ends up cleaner for longer! In addition, you don’t have to worry about water being forced behind your siding or into your attic. For times where we need high pressure, such as cleaning concrete, we have a high pressure system.


    The staff at Red Door wants to make your home cleaning experience AMAZING! Our highly trained staff is available to answer all of your questions and provide a complete, accurate quote at a fair price. Our technicians are trained to clean your home using the latest industry techniques. Above all, we want to build a long-term relationship with your family and provide our services for years to come. We do this by providing excellent service at a fair price.

What To Ask ANY Contractor Working On Your Home:

– Can I see a copy of your insurance certificate? (Red Door Provides you a copy with your quote.)
– Does your General Liability Insurance cover the type of work you’re doing? Beware of “Handyman Insurance” which may not cover roof cleaning.
– Do you have Worker’s Compensation Insurance? Does it cover the type of work you’re doing?
– What type of warranty or guarantee do you provide?
– How will you clean my house?
– Does your product have an algaecide and fungicide?
– How will you protect my property while cleaning?