House Washing in Fredericksburg

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The Problem

A client in Fredericksburg came to us looking to improve the appearance of his home, patio, and especially his 2 chimneys. He had grown weary of looking at the badly stained exterior of his chimneys and needed a solution to remove the discoloration, but not damage the brick.

The Solution

Using our unique soft wash system, we cleaned the exterior of his home, his patio, and his chimneys. After completing our house washing process, the most dramatic results were seen on the newly restored chimneys. The discoloration and staining were safely removed from the brick and the chimneys were once again the charming, unique feature of the client’s home.

If your home or chimney needs a gentle but effective washing, we have a solution for you! Contact our soft wash experts at 540-625-1069 or request an instant quote online.

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