Red Door Pro Wash uses the industry’s best paver sealing technology. Our sealer has been developed, tested and proven in a state with the harshest conditions and the most pavers per capita, Florida. More importantly, it is NOT a solvent-based sealer which is safer for your family.

We will pre-clean your pavers, removing the dirt an grime. If you have stained pavers from rust or oil, we can remove or diminish the stain. We will then re-sand the pavers and apply our sealer. Call us today for a free no obligation quote!

Roof Cleaning

Our soft wash kills algae, fungus and mildew at the roots, so it won’t come back. Instead of waiting for your roof to be damaged, let the professional commercial roof cleaning team clean and restore your organization’s roof.

Windows & More

We use the most effective cleaning tools and pay attention to every detail. Red Door provides expert commercial window washing services for your office or business that will make your windows shine.

Stone & Masonry

Our non-pressure system is perfect for historical stone and masonry. We eliminate destructive micro-organisms without harming delicate mortar or other building elements.

Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Our combination of chemicals and HOT water makes short work of chewing gum, oil spots and other litter that bring down the look of your public commercial properties!


    Our unique soft wash process will clean and protect your home or commercial property against mildew, algae & fungus! Our system delivers our cleaning compounds with less pressure than your garden hose.


    Red Door is a superior choice for exterior cleaning because we employ a low pressure, environmentally safe and effective cleaning system.


Our soft wash system protects surfaces that damage easily under high pressure (vinyl siding, vinyl fencing, stucco, etc.).

We use the latest technology in soft washing. Our system kills the mildew and algae that other systems leave behind.

How is Red Door Pro Wash Different?


We use the latest technology in soft washing. Our soft wash system which cleans faster and better than the typical ‘pull around’ unit. Plus, your house will stay cleaner for longer!


Our clients RAVE about our service. From the first phone call to the completion of the job, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right or it’s free!


We offer up-front pricing with no hidden charges, no surprises and no high pressure sales tactics. We have built our business on long-term relationships that are based on trust.